CORUM Limited is a Wellington based company with established roots in the IT market going back over 20 years. This experience enables us to deliver proven expertise across a comprehensive range of skill sets.

CORUM operates an affiliate model with proven experienced resources that have a consistent track record of successful implementation both nationally and overseas.

Our approach of practically leveraging key disciplines, frameworks and processes, whilst remaining focused on the client’s unique needs, consistently creates results that deliver cost effective, targeted and practical solutions. Unlike traditional consulting models, CORUM operates with very light overheads, possible through the use of the highest quality, proven, experienced and self-motivated resources. This ensures the primary value of the engagement is recognised by both the client and the supporting resource, with the rates at CORUM driven down by our recognition of our position in the supply chain. CORUM is able to provide individual key resources, with unique skills, in a market where size and specialisation creates a limited number of quality practitioners, through to a fully integrated team.

Our ability to swiftly and effectively deliver value, and optimal results, is based on core skills in leadership from the Executive level through to Programme and Project management.

We consider the fact that our key staff have operated effectively in the roles we offer services in, to be a key point of differentiation from our competitors.

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