CORUM Limited is a New Zealand established company with roots in the consultancy and delivery market for almost 25 years.

CORUM specialise in all aspects of strategic, change and project/programme delivery, recognising business needs through effectively positioned technology.

CORUM provides experienced, proven resources that have an enviable track record of successful implementation both nationally and overseas. Our approach of leveraging key disciplines, frameworks and processes, whilst remaining focussed on the client’s unique needs, consistently delivers results that achieve cost effective, targeted and practical solutions.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have very low overheads, with a flat management structure. Resources that we provide are fully enabled to deliver the task within their own skill set without having to draw in additional resources at further cost.

We are confident, that this self-reliance and capability ensures, the full value of the CORUM relationship will be recognised by our clients leading to further engagements and referrals based on value not dependency.

CORUM is able to provide key resources, with proven skills, in a market where size and specialisation creates a limited number of quality practitioners. On average, our team have an average of 10-15 years’ experience with proven delivery outcomes.

Our ability to swiftly and effectively integrate a team to deliver the optimal results is based on the breadth of their skills and the proven processes necessary to assure a fully integrated and capable team. Our leadership from the CXO level through to Programme and Project management ensures that strategy, change and delivery are managed with confidence and accountability.

CORUM has a wealth of experience across multiple sectors and in all major IT disciplines. CORUM’s value statement is “Making a Difference through Sustainable Value”.

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