At some point in any organisation’s lifecycle, the need for strategic planning arises. At this time, assessing future business needs and developing supporting plans becomes an imperative to drive sustainable value, manage costs, build market position and manage risk.

CORUM has extensive experience in the development of effective Information Service Strategic Plans (ISSPs) and their support & integration into Business initiatives, creating a practical and achievable roadmap with the highest probability of successful implementation. This expereience is based on the sound foundation of having delivered to ISSPs succesfuly in previous operational roles.

CORUM have created, assisted in the creation or reviewed ISSPs for a significant number of noteworthy organisations over the last 10 years.

CORUM enjoys a key point of differentiation over competitors in this market, with CXO level resources whose capability in strategic planning is based on having actual delivery experience rather than utilising a framework created by someone else.

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