Service Overview

  • CORUM take a focussed, all encompassing approach understanding that our experience is there to make your life easier;
  • We not only ask the right questions but we support it with clearly described, proven examples ensuring our clients can select their approach rather than necessarily having to define it;
  • We use a phased approach to deliver value at each stage and ensure ongoing client satisfaction and client scope control;
  • We are experienced in working with all aspects of a business so are as comfortable with Marketing as we are with Finance or IT. We understand who Digital enablement stakeholders are and their potential needs;
  • We understand commercial arrangement and ensure outcomes are clearly controlled removing uncertainty, overruns and development disappointment; and
  • We have the supporting frameworks, tools and Governance support experience to deliver a strategy that is robust, encompassing and effectively supported with the necessary detail to achieve.

Phone: +64 4 979 6271