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Our Core Team

CORUM is made up of leading industry practitioners who continue to successfully deliver to clients old and new. As an organisation built on the principle of collaborative transparency, CORUM ensures all members of the team keep this front and centre in all we do.

Chris Corke

Chris established CORUM Limited in mid-2009, recognising that New Zealand had a need for more quality driven, collaborative and ethical consulting providers - that a change for equitability, fairness, honesty, and transparent value for money was not only an opportunity, but a necessity.  

Chris has worked across business and technology roles ranging from Chief Information Officer though to external and internal Governance roles with a core focus on strategy and procurement within CORUM.

Chris is our Chief Executive Officer and Director of CORUM


Janine Corke

Janine has been part of CORUM from its inception and COO since November 2022.  As an integral part of the CORUM team she has a strong focus on staff wellbeing, process efficiencies and getting the best outcomes for all our clients.

Janine has experience and skills across many areas of delivery: Change management, stakeholder management, project management, planning, financial forecasting and tracking, process improvement, workshop facilitation, needs identification and training.

Janine is our Chief Operating Officer and Director of CORUM


Samantha Carr

Samantha successfully identifies and delivers innovation and key capability across multiple organisations in a friendly, personable, and hardworking manner. 

Samantha’s core strengths are in her ability to swiftly understand key needs, identify key activities and define potential process and system improvements to deliver business benefit.  

Her breadth of experience, personal integrity, and team focus, together with her willingness to accept accountability, ensures desired outcomes every time. 

Samantha is our Business Engagement & Innovations Manager

Michaela Broughton-Smith

Michaela has spent 20+ years in IT within government and private sectors. Her professional goal is to inspire others to connect through collaboration and innovation.

She has extensive experience and skills across many areas of delivery:  ProjectManagement,  Service Delivery, Demand Management, Business Analysis and IT Leadership

Michaela is one of our Business Enablement Consultants, with a core focus in delivery.

Logan Corke

Logan is our CORUM Support Officer, with a core focus on supporting the Leadership Team and the Heart of CORUM internally. 


Sonia Kenneally

Sonia has been part of the CORUM team since 2019. Her breadth of leadership experience, personal integrity and team focus combined with her willingness to accept accountability for outcomes, saw her take on the role as Practice Lead in June 2022.

Sonia has experience and skills across many areas in delivery including analysis, project management, stakeholder management, deployment, communication, documentation, change management, planning, financial forecasting and tracking, process improvement, workshop facilitation, needs identification and training.

Sonia is our Practice Lead supporting best practice and recruitment.

Our Wider Team

The core CORUM team are underpinned with expert professionals across all fields of technology and business enablement. CORUM is an All of Government Consulting provider and enjoys several preferred supplier relationships. Our skilled team of circa 30 people provide the right mixture of collaborative friendliness together with the drive necessary to get the job done. Our teams skills include:

  • Strategy development and review (business, technology (aggregate and discrete), information, security and digital)
  • Virtual CIO
  • CIO mentoring
  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Solution identification and verification
  • Procurement Management and Support
  • Quality Assurance and Probity reviews
  • Architectural services
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination and Facilitation
  • Information Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Training Management and support
  • Testing Management and support
  • Change Management and support
  • Release Management and support
  • Financial Management and support
  • Business Intelligence/Insights Development and support
  • DataWarehouse development and support
  • Microsoft 365 development and support
  • PowerBI development and support
  • SharePoint development and support
  • Power Apps development and support

Open | Honest | Collaborative | Respectful