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CORUM provides you with key subject matter capability, enabling better effectiveness and efficiency through greater confidence. Our services include, but are not limited to:  

  • Data Visualisation, Reporting and Business Intelligence Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources Services
  • Microsoft Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • Security Services
  • Strategic Services

Strategic Insights

Virtual executive services includes mentoring, development, and support of existing client staff together with delivery of targeted strategic planning, governance, business development, implementation, risk and advisory services.

CORUMs virtual executive services provide on-demand or regular services for clients looking for the very best skills set without the high investment in permanent staff. We offer capability ranging from Independent Board Advisory through to leadership team delivery.


Our Cservice provides you with achievable technology solutions to overcome existing challenges whilst positioning you effectively for the future. 

The CORUM value proposition provides access to extensive real-world experience, utilising skills proven in prior technology executive roles. You always get the very best independent support and advice leveraging our exposure to the multiple clients and verticals we work with.

You will have access to:

A second-to-none NZ cross sector technology executive pool, with skills and proven experience developed in the delivery of strategic and operational outcomes skills and resources from an organisation with an unbroken record of practical, quality-rich and cost-effective delivery

How can our Cservice capability benefit you?

  • Independence
  • Strategic definition 
  • Operational integrity 
  • Cost efficiency and optimisation 
  • Risk reduction 
  • Outcome surety 
  • Market advantage 
  • Achievable outcomes
  • Growth of your staff and organisational capability

Procurement Expertise from full delivery through to support and assistance, Commercial negotiations, Risk management.


Our SP3 service offering evaluates, recommends, and manages your procurement opportunities independently, effectively and underpinned by a probity assured approach. 

CORUM has extensive experience in all areas of procurement and can help with: 

  • Requirements gathering and definition
  • Identification, creation, and management of the right procurement vehicle (ROIs, RFPs, RFIs etc) 
  • End to end management of vendor evaluations and moderation  
  • Risk assessment and advice  
  • Commercial negotiation through to implementation  
  • Probity aligned advisory services 
  • Business case reviews and justification

You will have access to: 

  • Planning capability which will support you with the delivery of realisable and actual benefits 
  • On-demand, as needed, CORUM expertise

How can our SPservice benefit you? 

It will provide you with: 

  • The right-fit business and technology solutions for your business 
  • Long-term efficiencies 
  • Probity rich delivery 
  • Identification and mitigation of supplier risk
  • Real confidence that the process will be delivered effectively and efficiently supporting your outcomes at all times

Grant Coppersmith

“I have found the work undertaken by Chris to be of the highest quality. His timely responses to requests have been very valuable in delivering functional cost effective solutions. He has documented those solutions clearly and concisely. Chris has also utilised other CORUM staff to assist when required.
I would have no hesitation in recommending CORUM and Chris Corke.”

Grant Coppersmith
Finance and Operations ManagerMotu Economic and Public Policy Research

Chris Dyherberg

“Palmerston North City Council has engaged CORUM on a number of assignments over the past year, principally to support the development of our Information Management Strategic Plan and associated systems and processes. CORUM has become a true trusted partner.  They have been reliable with their delivery – managing to agreed budgets and producing quality outputs.  More importantly, they have delivered strategic value to our organisation by helping us develop a more strategic view of our information management environment. We have found their team to be excellent to work with.  They have a collaborative and engaging approach and we have always come away feeling like our needs were front of mind. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations.”

Chris Dyherberg
Chief Customer Officer, Palmerston North City Council

Warren Perry

"As recognised experts in the development of long-term technology strategies, CORUM were selected to support HDC. The CORUM team were a pleasure to work with, combining skilled professionalism with an easy to work with approach. CORUM were flexible and engaged, and collaboratively met outcomes to deliver real value. Having committed to a local presence, we are confident CORUM will be a partner we can rely on going forwards".

Warren Perry
Chief Information Officer, Hastings District Council

Business Enablement

Software Delivery Lifecycle Subject Matter Expertise across Portfolio, Programme and Project Planning and Delivery, Business Analysis, Change Management, Testing, Implementation, Training, Integration Services, Architecture and scheduling support.


Our P3 service provides you with access to resources with proven experience across all project related services. This ranges from direct support though to design and establishment of Enterprise Portfolio Management solutions.

We recognise how our external experience and expertise can most effectively support you and your internal capability by:

  • Providing underlying business enablement and project specific skills
  • Developing effective governance and reporting mechanisms
  • Reviewing existing delivery capability and inflight projects, or change initiatives

You will have access to:

  • Multi-disciplined resources that meet targeted costs and outputs
  • A flexible workforce allowing for full or part-time engagements

The CORUM approach is to assess the right practice for you and your business, rather than delivering just to documented best practice. In short, we develop solutions that meet your needs, as opposed to forcing you to adopt out of the box solutions.

Expertise we provide:

  • Business Analysis
  • Programme & Project Management 
  • Architectural and Integration Services
  • Mentoring and Support
  • Business Integration  
  • Technical Leadership  
  • Training Development and Delivery 
  • Commercial Management 
  • Governance 
  • Directional alignment Reviews 
  • Project Recovery
  • Staff and Supplier Optimisation
  • Technical Management 
  • Business Change Management

SharePoint planning, optimisation, end-user support, administration and delivery support.


Our Sservice provides you with all-inclusive SharePoint support to keep your solution at the top of its performance, to deliver a robust, secure, and error-free collaboration environment.

CORUM has extensive experience in the development and support of SharePoint and can help you with:

  • End-user support
  • Administration support
  • Out of the box development support

You will have access to:

  • SharePoint needs designed specifically to meet your needs

Our S3 service can also be purchased as a repeatable support offering, that will guarantee you on-demand expertise at a defined number

How can our Sservice benefit you?

  • Simplified business processes
  • Reduced risk of data duplication
  • Compliance to data management policies
  • Increased data security
  • Centralised data management capability and content delivery to your teams
  • Increased team productivity, efficiency, and engagement

Bryan McConnell

“The support that Chris and his team of associates provide to NZPA is integral to our success. Chris is objective and knowledgeable, providing valuable professional insights and advice to our business. We have partnered with Chris and his team through several strategic projects, leading us through design, delivery, and ultimately implementation. Chris takes accountability and responsibility seriously and that means a lot to the long term complex nature of our business”.

Bryan McConnell
Chief Operating Officer, New Zealand Police Association

Megan Connew-Simmons

"CORUM are fantastic to work with! We have worked with a number of the CORUM team on different aspects of our Programme. They provide a multi discipline team who have consultants and contractors that has helped us with project management, business analysis and procurement planning. They have the ability to help us strategically at a programme level while also helping us deliver our transformational projects. They are always very professional and most importantly are great people!"

Megan Connew-Simmons
Programme Manager - Go Digital, Hutt City Council

Business Intelligence

Data Visualisation & Reporting, Data Warehousing, Data Insights & Business Intelligence, Process Improvement, and Independent Quality Assurance.


Our Rservice provides you with all aspects of targeted and effective business reporting, from helping you optimise what you already have through to discovering new opportunities.

You have access to:

  • Mentorship and support to enable your organisation 
  • Experience in knowing what types of Business Intelligence will best help you

Our R3 service guarantees you on-demand expertise for a regular or solution specific period, providing the best support option for your business.

How can our R3 service benefit you?

  • Scalable and extensible data capability
  • Data effectiveness, clarity, and confidence
  • Targeted, timely and relevant insights
  • Improved Business information
  • Increased team productivity, efficiency, and engagement
  • Support to help you grow your staff and organisational capability

We provide key subject matter capability to enable you to deliver more effectively, efficiently, and with greater confidence. We understand the importance of a solid foundation before embarking on the AI journey.  


Our ∑³ service offering ensures that you have the right foundations in place to undertake your AI journey effectively. 

We work with you to develop your AI Strategy by: 

  • Defining the problem you are trying to solve. 
  • Determining realisable opportunities that AI can achieve. 
  • Aligning your business vision to your AI delivery. 
  • Ensuring you have the necessary level of governance and security in place. 
  • Supporting you to achieve a responsible AI approach. 
  • Defining the data management and technology needs to support AI 
  • Formulating your strategic roadmap for further AI enablement. 

We work with you to define your AI framework by: 

  • Defining who owns what and who is responsible, from Governance to delivery. 
  • Preparing targeted Use Cases. 
  • Preparing your team for the journey through effective change management and education. 
  • Implementing policies and guidelines to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction. 
  • Setting the AI lifecycle to ensure your AI initiatives meet your business needs and continue to add value. 
  • Reducing and mitigating risk through effective risk management. 

How can our ∑3 service benefit you?

  • Organisational readiness and adoption. 
  • Data security and compliance. 
  • Future resilience and growth. 
  • Tools and skills to continue your AI journey. 
  • Increased team productivity, efficiency and engagement. 

Contact us for a free (no strings attached) introduction to AI (what it means and how it can be applied) to help us understand your needs and determine how we can best help with your AI journey. 

Glen Wilson

“I have enjoyed working with CORUM since joining Heritage Lifecare in 2019. The team at CORUM were providing a virtual CIO service to Heritage at the time to maintain continuity of IT services during a transition period. This was very helpful and successfully filled a gap in capability for a limited period of time.
CORUM have also provided IT staff to assist with the operational support of technology and this has worked very well. I see them as a valued partner and have found Chris, Richard, and Janine always willing and able to deal with any small issues that may arise. They are flexible and responsive, and take the time to understand our business”.

Glen Wilson
Technology ManagerHeritage Lifecare

Angus Hartley

“Chris has a unique combination of big-picture perspectives, practical experiences, and a shrewd commercial eye which helped our organisation to deliver significant change within budget. Chris’ input was critical in determining our path forward for operational improvement. He is expert at untangling difficult challenges and manages relationships very well”.

Angus Hartley
Chief Executive, Te Kohanga Reo National Trust